"You're bossy ... And short!"

"You don't know me, you never did and you never will" - Sam Winchester

Yes, another blog dedicated to the kick-ass Winchester brothers.

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"Dean: (about Bela) You know what? Your right. I’m not going to kill her. I think slow torture’s the way to go."

Dean Winchester. (He can torture me anyday!)
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"▬ Sam: Dean this is my girlfriend Jessica.
▬ Jessica: Wait your brother Dean.
▬ Dean: I love the smurfs. You know I gotta tell you, you are completely out of my brother’s league.
▬ Jessica: Just let me put something on.
▬ Dean: Oh no. No no no. I wouldn’t dream of it. Seriously."

Sam and Dean Winchester. Season Pilot. (featuring Jess)
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